About Chadwick Homes: A Leading Home Builder in South Atlanta

about Chadwick Homes, Inc.

chadwick homesChadwick Homes, Inc. is a family owned and operated business based in Tyrone, Ga. The Chadwick family includes Dennis Floyd and his son, Chadwick Floyd, who is the company’s namesake and president. Dennis Floyd was first exposed to building by his father, a commercial contractor in Moultrie, Georgia. As a boy, Dennis worked side by side with his father, learning first hand what building was all about. He continued his education in both the business and building sides of construction, attending and graduating from Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. Dennis’ son, Chad Floyd, began his career in the building business in much the same way, working side by side with his dad. The two continue to work together daily in the management of their company.

When the Floyds started their own building company in 1969 they wanted to provide affordable homes with good customer service. Often overlooked in home construction is the fact that there the thousands of components that go into a home to achieve beauty, function, enjoyment, economic benefit and pride in ownership. The sheer challenge of coordinating and supervising the assembly of this complex and diverse structure is enormous. Chadwick Homes accepts the challenge and strives to produce the best product possible within the price range selected.

Our Home-Building Experience

chadwick-homesChadwick Homes has built homes for hundreds of families and knows the value of quality building. Innovation in plan design and selection, and the willingness to lead the way has resulted in Chadwick Homes being a sought after builder by both developers and consumers. Chadwick Homes constantly strives to deliver the best built home possible. They take pride in their “finished product” and know you’ll be proud to call your home a “Chadwick Home”.